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DIGITALCORNER team has a very good Return Policy in this it will refund 50% amount if customer is not satisfied or for any reason want to cancel the order after processing order. This is because the team probably would not like to have the case associated with an unsatisfied customer when it tries very hard to make every customer a happy customer.

Therefore, they would refund the 50% amount to the customer so that he will not feel in any respect that our team has usurped his money.

The money would be returned as is to the customer if this individual is not happy with the level of service which the team has to offer him for his project and he can most welcome to find an improved company to provide his interest well, matching to his demands!

Snooze assured however that the team will give in an 100 % in to your job and you will be content with the quality of service rather than the other way round, as a circumstance of a 50% return is an extreme situation that may most probably never arise!

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